Tony Chachere's Cajun Country Cookbook
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Spice up your dinner table. Now you can serve delicous cajun food by using the easy-to-follow recipes direct from the "Ole Master" himself - Tony Chachere. That's right - treat yourself, your family and your friends to mouthwatering jambalaya, gumbo, etouffee, red beans & rice, shrimp creole and much, much more. Order now to get your copy of Tony Chachere's Cajun Country Cookbook - "the cookbook that created a legend".

When Tony Chachere first wrote Cajun Country Cookbook back in 1972, he had no idea the tremendous impact it would have on the cuisine of South Louisiana. Tony was known far and wide throughout South Louisiana as the "Ole Master". His culinary abilities were influenced in several unique ways. He was first inspired by the cooking ability of his brother-in-law's father who taught him to make his first fish courtbouillon in his early 20s. He joined a men's cooking fraternity in Opelousas called Cooks Unlimited, that held gourmet suppers twice a month, with each member taking his turn as chef du jour. It was through this experience that the competitive Tony, always striving to outdo his cohorts, earned the nickname "Ole Master".

Throughout his life, he continued to hone his skills as chef appointee on hunting and fishing weekends. Upon retiring from his "day job" in 1970, Tony began working on this cookbook. He sold the first 10,000 copies in only one week. Not only was the demand for the cookbook strong, but readers were extremely interested in obtaining the "cajun seasoning" that many of the recipes called for. Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning soon became a staple in every cook's kitchen cabinet -- a real step-saver that could be used in any cooking because it was great on everything. Special recipes in Cajun Country Cookbook have gained popularity in recent years. Tony first introduced the steaming method of cooking crawfish, shrimp or crabs to the crawfish-boiling populace of Acadiana. He also promoted the now popular "deep fried turkey", injected by syringe with his own spicy solution. Writers have often quipped about the game recipes in the book, noting Tony's bold inclusion of ways to prepare nutria, raccoon, even coot and alligator. But the most popular recipes are his easy recipes for the all-time favorites - jambalaya, etouffee, dirty rice and gumbo. Their popularity led Tony to develop the now popular Tony Chachere's rice mixes that accompany Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning on the aisles of fine specialty stores in the Deep South. More than twenty-five years later and over 800,000 copies later, as we continue to celebrate the Cajun Country Cookbook, we are thankful for the legacy of Tony Chachere.

Click here for a complete list of recipes from Tony Chachere's Cajun Country Cookbook.

ISBN: 0960458018; Author: Chachere, Tony; Publisher: Tony Chachere's Creole Foods; Format: Spiral; 218 pages