Item# ZA03001

Product Description

Size: 16 oz

Serving Suggestions: This package will properly season 16 pounds of shrimp, 12 pounds of crawfish, or 2 dozen crabs. Place 8 quarts of water and contents of package into large cooking container, stir, and bring to rolling boil. Add seafood to boiling mixture, stir, cover tightly and return to boil. Well, that's what the package instructions say. If you've ever been to a seafood boil in New Orleans, you know that we throw just about anything into the pot. For a spicy change of pace, try throwing in potatoes, corn, mushrooms, hot dogs or just about anything else you can think of boiling. Our favorite: boiled, smashed potatoes. Just throw in a couple of pounds of red potatoes (with or without the skin) and boil to tender. When done, put in a mixing bowl, add a little milk and mix until they're creamy enough for you.

Ingredients: Salt, dextrose, spices, spice extracts (natural flavors and colors), lemon juice, monosodium glutmate.