Tony Chachere's Cajun Country Cookbook Index

Brice Palmer's Fried Alligator; Russell Green's rolled alligator roast; Tony's Alligator sauce piquant; Tony's barbequed alligator tail; Apple cake St. Amand; Cleve's Smothered Armadillo; Aspargus Cream Sauce Casserole; Aunt Happy's Cake; Aunt Lulu's Grit Bread; Avocado stuffed salad; Bacon and tomato casserole; Baked Alaska; Baked Chicken Opelousas; Baked coon and sweet Potatoes; Tony's baked cornish game hens; Jim Bowie's baked clay duck; Baked golden Louisiana yams; Baked juicy swamp rabbit; baked liver and onions; Baked Long Island duck Opelousas; Baked spiced Louisiana yams; Tony's baked picnic ham; Baked Mexican quail; Baked red snapper; Baked rice dressing; Baked stuffed tomatoes; Baked teal with oysters; Baked creole tongue; Brandy balls; Date balls; Ham balls; Molasses popcorn balls; Swedish meat balls; Whiskey balls; Banana nut bread;

Barbecue crabs Opelousas; Barbecue fish, Barbecue pork ribs with Chinese sauce; Tony's Creole Barbecue sauce; Basic bread stuffing; basic brown sauce; basic cream sauce; basic creole dressing mix; Basic red sauce; Basic roux; Basic vegetable mixture; Steak basting sauce; Tony's Pinto beans and smoked ham hocks; Tony's Cas-Ca-Ra beans; New Orleans red beans and rice; Green bean salad; Black bean soup; Charcoal Ribeye steaks; Chile con carne; Creamed sweetbreads with mushrooms; Creole Bouilli; Creole smothered liver; Creole style sweetbreads; Creole vegetable soup; Hot tamale pie; Italian rollettes; Panse Bourre'; Stuffed Cabbage rolls; Stuffed baked cucumbers; Sweetbreads en brochette; Tony's He-Man Chili; Tony's meat and spaghetti casserole; Tony's meat balls and spaghetti; Tripe Creole; Beer Muffins; Marinated Green bell peppers, Stuffed green bell peppers; Tony's Crawfish Stuffed bell peppers; Big Alabama Bayou Roasted Pecans and Hot Buttered Rum; Tony's Biscuits; Black Pepper Shrimp; Patsy's blackberry cobbler; Blackberry wine; Tony's blackened redfish; Boiled crabs in a chest; Johnson's Boudin Blanc; Creole Bouilli; Jim Bowie's Creole Garfish Boulettes, Tony's Crawfish boulettes; Brabant potatoes; Brandy Fruit Champagne; Roast Pheasant with Cream and Brandy; Dilly Casserole; Dumplings;

Garlic Bread; Golden snack bread; Grated yam bread; Homemade bread; Bread pudding with whiskey sauce; Spoon bread, Breaded venison schnitzel; Broccoli casserole; Broiled brandied snipe; Broiled checken livers with bacon and water; Broiled Shrimp a la Tony; Broiled soft shell crabs; Chinese brown sauce; Brownies; Bull shot; Lagniappe Buttermilk pie; Cabbage and fresh pork sausage; Tony's Cabbage casserole; Escalloped cabbage; Stuffed cabbage rolls; Cafe' Diable; Sock-It-To-Me cake; Yam candle cake; Yankee-rebel feud cake; Shrimp Canapes; Kiddy Peanut Butter candy wheels; Garbo's Caponata; String beans and carrots au gratin; Crab meat casserole; dove casserole; Eggplant crab meat casserole; Eggplant and shrimp casserole; Fried eggplant casserole; Irish potato casserole; Spinach casserole; Casserole of Guinea hen with brandy sauce; Pork and bean casserole Quail en casserole; Seafood casserole; Squash casserole; Turnip casserole; Chachere's Deep Fried Turkey; Golden champagne punch; Cheese and onion pie; Creole Hogshead cheese; Cherry Jubilee;

Chicken and okra gumbo; Tony's Chicken and sausage jambalaya; Dee's Chicken and spaghetti; Chicken artichoke casserole; Chicken livers with bacon and water chestnuts; Opelousas Baked chicken; Chicken salad; Tony's Saute' Chicken; Cucumber Chicken Spread; Tony's old fashioned chicken stew; Tony's Breaded fried chicken; Tony's crispy fried chicken; Chinese mustard sauce; Chinese pork chops; Chinese skillet shrimp; Chinese style shrimp; French chocolate cup; Creamed venison chops; Lamb chops in wine sauce; Savory Lamb chops; Tasty venison chops; Jim's Choupique Bayou Cortableau Style; Claudes Turtle on the bayou; Creole seafood cocktail sauce; Sazerac cocktail; Coconut roustabout cookies; Creole dipped coffee; Irish coffee; Party cookies; Lizzie's cookies; Coot in soy sauce; Maque Chou corn; Delicious corn soup; Stewed corn; Corn bread dressing; Hot Mexican corn; Tony's Ole-fashioned creole corn; Cornish hens with basting sauce; Jim Bowie's Couche-couche et caille'; Tony's Fish courtbouillon;

Crabs and green peppers; Broiled soft shell crabs; Fried soft shell crab; Boiled crabs, crawfish and shrimp; Guidry's Fried stuffed crabs; Tony's Crab omlet; Opelousas barbecue crab; Crab salad; Stuffed crab shells Tony's crab soup; Tony's crawfish bisque; Tony's crawfish boulettes and stuffed shells; Tony's crawfish casserole; Tony's crawfish cocktail; Crawfish crepes; Tony's crawfish egg rolls; Tony's crawfish ettouffee; Crawfish gumbo; Crawfish heavenly eggs; Tony's crawfish pie; Tony's Crawfish Stew Emile; Tony's Crawfish stuffed bell peppers; Tony's crawfish supreme; Tony's fried crawfish tails; Creamy nutty tuna sandwiches; Creamy smooth pecan praline; Creme de Menthe Frappe'; Tony's Crepes Suzzette; Cucumber Soup; Stuffed cucumbers; Creole Pecan custard; Venison daube glace'; Deviled Ham Dip; Veal Scalloppine dip; Acadienne smothered dove; Mexican fried dove; Sherried Dove; Baked rice dressing; Corn bread dressing; Basic creole dressing mix; Wild duck a al George Broussard; Eggs Benedict; Florentine Eggs; Ham and Eggs Jambalaya; Creole Egg Nog; Pink Pickled Eggs; Tony's Crawfish Egg rolls; Tony's Fried eggs; Scrambled eggs with green peppers; Escalloped cabbage; Tony's Crawfish Etouffee;

Filet of Sole Marguery; Baked red snapper; Tony's boiled fish with Bienville sauce; Tony's courtbouillon; Mushroom-stuffed baked red snapper; Pompano en Papillote; Seviche Sherrry Ketchup baked fish; Smoked fish; Stuffed flounder; Tony's swazela; Tony's blackened redfish; Tony's trout meuniere; Trout Marguery; Walleyed perch; Tony's Creole Flan; Flounder with sauterne sauce; Franks Spanish Omlette; French fried onions; French fried sweet potatoes; Frog legs a la sauce piquante; Fried frog legs; Frog legs provencal; Frog legs with tartar sauce; Tony's broiled Louisiana frog legs; Garbo's caponata; Garlic sauce; Cherry gelatin salad; Lime gelatin salad; Goose with sauerkraut and bread dumplings; Marinated pork grillades; Grilled spareribs; Creole garlic grits; Grouse in white wine; Grouse with orange slices; Grouse with wine sauce; Guinea Gumbo; Guinea Hen with Brandy sauce casserole; Chicken and okra gumbo; Crawfish gumbo; Seafood gumbo; Shrimp and Okra gumbo; Harold's Hand salad; Tony's Heavenly pancakes; Helen's Jezebel sauce; Holiday treat; Homemade creole style peach ice cream; Baked stuffed cucumbers; Black pepper shrimp; Hot pepper jelly; Jalapeno Pepper; Party Shrimp Mold; Pickled okra; Tomato pickles; Horseradish sauce; Hot buttered rum; Hot tamale pie; Huitres au diable; Jim Bowie's hush puppies; Irish coffee; Irish potato casserole; Meatless mushroom spaghetti; Pizza; Italian Rollettes; Jeannine's Pumpkin muffins; Johnny Mazette; Creole smothered leek; Tony's Leek soup; Les Oreilles de cochon; Lime marinade; Cajuns squirrel stew;

Yam Coconut and orange casserole; Madge's spinach salad; Madeira sauce; All-purpose wild game marinade; Creole mayonnaise; McJunkins turtle sauce piquante; Meringue shells; Tony's Nutria Sauce Piquante; Offshore pie dough; Smothered okra and tomatoes; Fried okra; Pickled okra; Opelousas Oyster loaf; Oysters Rockefeller; Oysters Bienville; Paella; Pain Perdu; Panse Bourre'; Peach Flambeau; Creole Pecan custard; Pecan pie; Sugared pecans; Tomato pickles; Ritz pie; Pigeonneaux en Paradis; Pampano en Papillote; Lagniappe popover; Pork backbone stew; Creole salt pork; Creole smoked pork sausage; Quail in wild game sauce; Rabbit roast; Raisin sauce for baked ham; Ramos Gin Fizz; Raw Fish Seviche; Shrimp remoulade sauce; Shrimp fried rice; Venison roast; Roquefort dressing; Roughneck hot rolls; Basic roux; Opelousas French dressing; Sour Cream dressing; Tony's creole dressing; Barbecue steak sauce; Marchand De Vin sauce; Tony's Hollandaise sauce; Sazerac cocktail; Shrimp Kee Kee; Pat Huval's fried shrimp; Sour cream dressing; Tasty Venison chops; Turnip casserole; Veal Oscar; Creole vegetable soup Venison Parmesan; Wild ducks a la George Broussard; Zucchini squash with dill sauce


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