Something to Talk About
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Something to Talk About

Occasions We Celebrate in South Louisiana

The Junior League of Lafayette, Louisiana

Hardcover, 223 pages

The cooks of the Junior League of lafayette return to add flavor to your celebrations with Something to Talk About - Occasions We Celebrate in South Louisiana, a new collection of festive menus, serving tips, and an abundance of kitchen-tested recipes from the region's most renowned hostesses.

From traditional holiday fare with a pepper-infused twist to favorite dishes for celebrations unique to South Louisiana, these pages offer treasured family recipes such as flavorful Carnival Crab Meat Dip, creamy Corn and crawfish Bisque, and old-fashioned Coconut Bread Pudding.

Whether you use this guide to treat your guests to a sparkling Christmas cocktail party, a casual Lenten season fish fry, a Mardi Gras pre-parade breakfast, or an authentic Cajun Fried Turkey for Thanksgiving, you will certainly give your friends and family Something to Talk About.

Something to Talk About--Occasions We Celebrate in South Louisiana is the Junior League of Lafayette's fourth publication. Its previous cookbooks, Talk About Good, Talk About Good II, and Tell Me More, remain in print and provide a wealth of recipes representing the unique cuisine of South Louisiana.