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Sorry, but our bakery is not shipping fresh king cakes at this time. Please try an easy-to-prepare King cake mix.

The traditional king cake (non-filled) is the original Mardi Gras favorite. The buttery texture of the pastry is similar to brioche and reflects New Orleans' strong French influence. The traditional king cake is festively decorated with icing in Mardi Gras colors of purple, green, and gold. Your friends and family will revel in its delicious, refined taste. Enjoy king cake with your morning coffee, as a snack, or as a tasty dessert for a true taste of New Orleans.

In true New Orleans style, king cakes are typically presented with a baby doll hidden inside. As tradition goes, the person who gets the baby in their slice is responsible for bringing a king cake to the next party.

To help you experience the Mardi Gras festivities, our king cake packages also include a Mardi Gras cup, throw beads and a flyer explaining the king cake tradition.

Click here for information about the history of king cakes.

Order your traditional king cake by clicking on the "add to cart" button below; or, browse through our other delicious varieties - traditional, cream cheese, apple, blueberry, strawberry or cream cheese and fruit combo.

King cakes are shipped fresh from our ovens in a beautifully decorated Mardi Gras box via overnight express mail. Orders are baked & shipped on Monday through Wednesday only (excluding any holidays). Online orders are typically baked and shipped withing 2 - 3 "shipping" days after your order. Unfortunately, we can not schedule or guarantee arrival of king cakes on a specific date. In ALL cases, orders are shipped on the same day they are baked. The price listed includes second business day express mail charges to most destinations in the continental U.S.

Our regular king cakes generally provide about 12 - 15 one-inch slices, although you usually notice that "after cake prior to serving and insert the plastic baby in the underside of the cake (just deep enough that the cake sits the baby is found", people tend to start cutting larger slices.

Please note the following limitations:

1. We can not schedule or guarantee arrival of king cakes on a specific date.

2. Please tell the recipients that there is a small plastic baby in the package. So be careful and don't bite into it.

3. The king cakes leave our bakery in good condition. We can not be responsible for mishandling or other damage that occurs in transit.

Note: Please be careful - each King Cake package contains a plastic baby, approximately one inch long. To participate in the King Cake tradition, lift up the king level on the tray). Be sure to explain to participants that there is a hidden baby.