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Is this site secure?

You can rest assured that we take great precautions to maintain the security and privacy of our customers’ transactions. As with most reputable sites, we have implemented Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Most experts agree that SSL provides the highest level of security available today. SSL is the state of the art technology built into today’s most popular web browsers (for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, etc.). While no system can guarantee that there is absolutely no chance of a security breach, we believe that SSL offers our customers the chance to enjoy online shopping with confidence that any personal information will be kept private. Like many other large internet companies, we believe that shopping with reputable dealers via the internet, customers transactions are actually more secure than when shopping in person or over the telephone. 

What does New Orleans Showcase do with my credit card number?

We use Paypal to securely process your orders. We do NOT store our customers’ credit card numbers on our server. Your order is protected by SSL technology, the most state-of-the-art encryption technology available. The maximum amount that your credit card company can charge you for unauthorized use of your credit card is $50, and in most cases they will even waive that amount.