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ISBN: 0970422105; Author: Gilley, Shelby R.; Publisher: St. Emma Press; Format: Hardcover

Enjoy this fabulous book that chronicles the life and art of Louisiana folk artist Clementine Hunter. Browse through 180 color photos and 25 black and white photos showcasing her works. Discover the rich history of the Cane River, Louisiana area and the influence it had on Hunter's work, as well as her influence on the area.

Clementine Hunter was born on Hidden Hill Plantation (now Little Eva Plantation) in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, in December 1886. Most of her life was spent as a field hand picking cotton on Hidden Hill and Melrose Plantations. In the 1940's she was a cook at Melrose when she found some tubes of paint and brushes discrarded by the late Alberta Kinsey, artist house-guest at Melrose. M. Francois Mignon, landscape architect, historian and permanent guest of the Henry's at Melrose, was quick to encourage Clementine when she expressed a desire to "mark a picture." So, with Francois' urging, her own compulsion, and Alberta Kinsey's paint, Clementine began to paint her beloved Cane River country. Almost immediately a number of Cane River residents succumbed to the charm of her paintings and were her earliest collectors. Interest in Clementines bright primitives soon assumed national proportions and her showings at the Museum of American Folk Art in New York, The New Orleans Museum of Art, and several other major showings have added to her image. 180 pages

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