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Enjoy your childhood memories all over again - and make new memories for your children. This heartwarming book inspires you to unleash the incredible creativity and imagination that children bring into all of our lives.

Faye Crump Brydels, author of the popular cookbook, Froggy Bottom Louisiana Cuisine, shares recipes, activities and numerous helpful tips that turn everyday chores into fun activities for kids and adults alike.

Discover fresh ideas to share fun:

☼Birthday Parties ☼ Saturday Morning Breakfast

☼ Camping Fun☼ Spring to Action ☼ Summer Treats

☼ Fall Fun ☼ Winter's Delight ☼ Valentines Day

☼ Mardi Gras ☼ St. Patrick's Day ☼ Mother's Day

☼ Father's Day ☼ July 4th ☼ Halloween

☼ Thanksgiving ☼ Christmas ☼ Jewish Holidays

☼ Kwanzaa ☼ Spanish Holidays

Where else can you find easy-to-make recipes for Dirt Cake, Bloody Bug Juice, Bear Biscuits, Cowboy Coffee Cake, Bugs in a Rug, Bunny Cookies, Disappearing Rabbit Cake, Ghostly Cake, Hamburger Cookies, Hoot Owl Cake, Mississippi Mud Pie, Camping-Out S'Mores, Chocolate Gravy, Santa Claus Milk, Passover Strawberry Shortcake, Goblin Dip with Bone Crackers, Upside Down Pizza, Trail Ride Potatoes, Mardi Gras Cupcakes, Monster Muffins, Dog Bones and hundreds more.

In addition to the step-by-step recipes for festive food, get ideas for fun activities -- Peep Hole Panorama Easter Eggs, Potpourri Easter Rabbit, Firecracker Napkins, Tootsie Roll Pop Ghosts, Pinecomb Turkeys, Santa Claus Light Bulb, Green Frog Bean Bag, Rover's Rewards, Bird Houses, Rain Gauges, Coffee Filter Flowers and more

 Share the fun with your children and make some great memories!

Author: Brydels, Faye Crump; Format: Spiral; ISBN: 0935545263; Pages: 276

Price includes Ground Shipping!!!