Hooks, Lies & Alibis
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Hooks, Lies & Alibis Louisiana's Authoritative Collection of Game Fish & Seafood Cookery by Chef John D. Folse and Michaela D. York

Chef John Folse's latest book, Hooks, Lies and Alibis is his ninth cookbook and the third in his series of Cajun and Creole megabooks.

With book lovers still reeling from Chef John Folse’s last cookbook, Folse and his team are releasing the next tome in his Cajun and Creole trilogy, Hooks, Lies & Alibis. The title pays tribute to Louisiana’s time-honored fish and seafood tradition and cuisine. Like his other legendary cookbooks, Hooks, Lies & Alibis begins with a look to the past by co-author Michaela York. The history of fishing is told from ancient man through the modern age. Because of fishing, religions have been established, fast and fish days observed, laws created, countries and empires built and New Worlds conquered. More than 600 fish, seafood and related recipes are packed into this 900-page, 10-pound volume.

According to Chef Folse, “Louisiana is blessed with fabulous cooks. 'Hooks, Lies & Alibis’ is an excellent venue to preserve family recipes. Nothing excites me more than to discover a yellowed piece of paper with a recipe scrawled on it from a hunter or fisherman from days gone by.”

While the focus of the book is saltwater, freshwater and shellfish, there are still many pages designated for breakfast items, desserts, side dishes, breads and beverages.

Hooks, Lies & Alibis includes chapters and recipes for frying and sautéing; baking and roasting; grilling; boiling, poaching and steaming; and smoking and drying and more.

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