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ISBN: 1565542576; Author: Soper, Celia; Publisher: Pelican Publishing; Format: Hardcover; Folktales of the Louisiana bayous center around the adventures of Lapin the rabbit and his slow-witted compere, or friend, Bouki the wolf. Many of their friends have adventures of their own, too. Six tales featuring the activities of these Cajun characters are presented, enhanced by the vibrant illustrations of Pat Soper. "The Farm" tells how Lapin eats all year long while Bouki goes hungry. "La Poussiere (the Dust)" reveals how Lapin wins the most beautiful maid in the swamp for his wife. In "Monsieur Tortie", a tricky turtle teaches a young boy a thing or two about trusting strangers. "Compere Lapin and Madame Carencro" explains how buzzards became bald. "Compere Crapaud's Ride" describes an exciting race and reveals the cleverness of the toad determined to do anything to marry the girl he loves. Finally, in "The Escape", Lapin outwits a very hungry bear.