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ISBN: 1565542398; Author: McConduit, Denise W.; Publisher: Pelican Publishing; Format: Hardcover; Sometimes Mom thinks of boring things for me to do -- like going to the Jazz Fest! says D.J. as he reluctantly agrees to go with his mother and her godmother, Nanan. Once there, D.J. soon discovers that the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is a great place to be. The shrimp poboys and strawberry snowballs are delicious. The jazz, gospel, Cajun music, and blues are delightful. The performances are plenty and the hand-crafted gifts are handsome. And those are only a few of the things at Jazz Fest. At the Children's Tent, D.J. sees girls perform an Oriental dance and a boy his own age break a board with his foot. He also meets heis cousin Jonathan. Together, they explore almost every inch of the festival, and try to stay out of trouble. As D.J. would say himself, "It sure was a great Jazz Fest weekend!"