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ISBN: 1565541618; Author: Schadler, Cherie D.; Publisher: Pelican Publishing; Format: Hardcover; Bayou Town - where someone always cares about you! Hello friends! Pole along with me to Bayou Town, just a hop, skip and a jump through your imagination to meet my special friends, the Boudreaux family and their fiesty alligator, Alfons. Adventure is always just around the bend in Bayou Town, my friend. In my first book, WELCOME TO BAYOU TOWN!, you will meet the Boudreaux family and learn a little about bayou living. Alfons loves marshmallows and you'll be in for an adventure when you chase him through Bayou Town playing, "Alligator-Keep-Away!" Keep hitched to the dock, my friend, for there are more adventures to come! WELCOME TO BAYOU TOWN! will be available on audio cassette in the spring, and following will be our next Bayou Town adventure in hardback, WHEN THE RAIN CAME DOWN IN BAYOU TOWN! So long, my friend, see you in Bayou Town!