Click to enlargeClovis Crawfish & Bidon Box  Turtle

ISBN: 1565540573; Author: Fontenot, Mary A.; Publisher: Pelican Publishing; Format: Hardcover; Clovis and his friends find that things are not always what they first appear -- especially when it comes to moving cypress knees! On closer inspection, Clovis, Lizette Lizard, Rene Rainfrog, and Bertile Butterfly find a turtle, a different kind of turtle from Theodore Turtle, but a turtle nonetheless. Since his real name, Abraham Buckinham Calhoun, is a little cumbersom, they dub him Bidon Box Turtle. All the friends step up make his acquaintance. Bidon Box Turtle has only one problem. He is a Mississippi land turtle who wants to cross the bayou and not get his hat we. As is usually the case, Clovis and friends come to the rescue, providing Bidon with a cypress boat to get to the other side and wishing him Reviens (come back soon).


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