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ISBN: 088289644x; Author: Fontenot, Mary A.; Publisher: Pelican Publishing; Format: Hardcover; Clovis Crawfish and his pals return in another exciting adventure on the Louisiana bayou. Simone Spider threatens the peaceful bayou by building her silver web right by Clovis's mud house. At first Clovis and Christope Cricket are mystified by the shining silver threads near Clovis's home. What could they be? Then Chistope spies a large black-and-yellow creature with eight fuzzy legs and eight eyes. It is Simone Spider, and she is hungry. She would like nothing more than to capture one of the bayou friends for lunch. The creatures watch helplessly as Simone puts the finishing touches on her web. Fernand Frog and Maurice Mosquito Hawk are not afraid of Simone becauce they are too big and strong for her. But Lastie and Lizette Lizard are terrified and run away. And Gaston Grasshopper only narrowly escapes becoming Simone's supper. Little Josette June Bug is not so lucky. When a soft autumn breeze blows her down to the bayou on a big brown leaf, she gets tangled in Simone's web. Only the friendship of her bayou neighbors can save her. Will she be able to fend off Simone until Clovis can rescue her?