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The classic tale of Christmas Eve in a bayou setting provided the theme of Cajun Night Before Christmas, one of the country's most widely acclaimed Christmas books. In that best-selling volume, the traditional jolly old St. Nick appears as a Cajun trapper dressed in muskrat and riding in a gift-laden pirogue pulled through the sky by eight charming, friendly alligators. What led Santa Claus to move his workshop from the snowy North Pole to the moss-draped bayou country? Why were his faithful reindeer replaced by alligators? And how did he manage to assemble a team of flying alligators for his all-important Christmas journey? In this delightful work, author and illustrator James Rice explains just how it happened. In the process, he creates another fascinating tale for youngsters and adults alike.

ISBN: 1565542851; Author: Rice, James; Publisher: Pelican Publishing; Format: Hardcover;