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ISBN: 1556709765; Author: Rodrigue, George; Publisher: Stewart Tabori & Chang; Format: Hardcover; Until now, little else could be said about George Rodrigue's mysterious, wildly popular icon. At long last, the Blue Dog Man, as Rodrigue calls himself, sheds light on his creation as he guides us through this remarkable collection of over sixty new Blue Dog paintings. Rodrigue takes us on an unprecedented narrated journey into the heart of a new Blue Dog generation, tracing the evolution of Blue Dog from her beginnings in Louisiana legends to her myriad forays into the dazzling, multi-chrome modern world. Blue Dog Man is more than a collection of Blue Dog tales; it is a moving account of the spiritual evolution of an artist and an enlightening commentary on today's changing world. "Blue Dog," says Rodrigue, "is nothing if not a journey." This book is an invitation to longtime fans and newcomers alike to join the Blue Dog in her exciting and most unusual odyssey.