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Among America's garden cities, one of the most remarkably beautiful is New Orleans. Now the exotic New Orleans garden can live not only in romance but also in a favorite spot very close to home. Whether in the Vieux Carre' or in the humid hinterlands, anyone hoping to re-create such a romantic setting in the climes of the coastal region should consult this essential handbook.

With Charlotte Seidenberg as a guide the New Orleans garden can become a natural, well-loved site anywhere along the coastal terrains of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama -- as well as along the southern Atlantic costs of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. This favorite manual among New Orleans gardeners not only tells how to create a beautiful garden in this subtropical, sometimes richly alluvial zone but also identifies plants that over generations have become a part of the gardening heritage of New Orleans.

ISBN: 878056378; Author: Seidenberg, Charlotte; Publisher: Univ. Press of MS; Format: Paperback

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