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ISBN: 925417025; Author: Stacey, Truman; Publisher: Acadian House Pub; Format: Hardcover; Louisiana's French Heritage is a history of the French in America that reads as much like an adventure story as it does a history book. Its fast pace takes the reader to the shores of the Acadian Peninsula aboard a French ship in the early 1500s...into the forest to learn the ways of the Micmac Indians...through the heart of an unknown continent of primal beauty...on an enchanting journey down the Mississippi with the explorer LaSalle...through the narrow, muddy streets of a new French village called New Orleans...and trailblazing with the Colorado mountain men and others who opened the American West. Themes of tragedy and triumph are woven through the narrative, which covers a period roughly from 1500 to 1800. The Acadian exile, for example, was a tragic episode in the lives of thousands of French-Acadians who were uprooted from their homeland at the point of a gun and loaded onto ships that ended up, for the most part, in hostile British colonies. While many of the exiles died, the Acadians as a people triumphed as they made their way westward to a new home in Louisiana, where they flourish today. Louisiana's French Heritage is the story of the French contribution to the colonization of the New World, a summary of the accomplishments of the French in early America that will leave people of French lineage with feelings of pride in their heritage -- and wondering if perhaps they are related to some of the men and women depicted in these pages.

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