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"Sometimes unique, sometimes unusual, sometimes unbelievable, but always entertaining and historically accurate," Buddy Stall's New Orleans enlightens readers with little-known facts about the Crescent City-facts to relish and to share with friends as well as guests to the city.

Who is buried in Metairie Cemetery? What is the "Mystery Monument"? Did a meteorite really fall in Audubon Park? What is the most photographed statue in New Orleans? What dueling mayor killed a senator? What famous general lost his head in Jackson Square? Where did the Mardi Gras colors come from? Who was the only king of Mardi Gras to marry his queen? When was the first football game played in New Orleans? Find the answers to all of these intriguing questions and more in this delightfully humorous book. As Buddy Stall reveals his insider's knowledge on the history and sights of New Orleans, the reader will discover just what it is that makes the Crescent City one of the most interesting and exciting cities in the world.

Through his writings, teaching assignments, radio and television appearances, guest lectures, and personal appearances, Gaspar J. ("Buddy") Stall has taught the history of Louisiana to more people than any other person in the state. One of the most sought-after speakers in Louisiana, Buddy Stall has captivated thousands with his delightful talks, proving his assertion that "New Orleans' and Louisiana's history is much more entertaining than fiction."

Stall, who is vice president of sales and public relations director for Radiofone, is the author of Mardi Gras and Bacchus: Something Old, Something New, also published by Pelican. He has been a contributing writer to many publications, including Citibusiness, New Orleans Magazine, the Italian American Federation Journal, the New Orleans Times-Picayune, and the Baton Rouge Advocate.

ISBN: 882898132; Author: Stall, Gasper; Publisher: Pelican Publications; Format: Hardcover;