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ISBN: 1565544145; Author: McCaffety, Kerri; Publisher: Pelican Publications; Format: Hardcover; Photojournalist McCaffety's homage to New Orleans' French Quarter reads and looks like a tourist seduction. With an emphasis on pictures, this coffee-table book cum vacation brochure invites readers into the heart of this Louisiana city's interiors and exteriors. It meanders a bit--with a soupcon of history, geography, and literary details--until it reaches its soul: an exploration of the five types of homes, from the deceptively simple Creole cottage to service structures known as garconnieres (for young men), among others. We peek inside some amazing residences, homes to art dealers and ambassadors, with side notes about famous authors drawn to the Quarter's charms, such as William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Truman Capote, and Walker Percy. An unabashed salute to a uniquely American polyglot city. Barbara Jacobs Booklist