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"How Y'all are?" Anyone who's ever watched a cooking show on public television should recognize this warm, down-home greeting of internationally known Cajun cook and humorist Justin Wilson. For more than thirty years, Justin Wilson shared his vast knowledge of Cajun cooking in cookbooks and on television. He helped to pioneer the Cajun cooking craze that has swept the country and continues to influence menus in homes and restaurants nationwide. In this book, Justin Wilson reminisces about times gone by, about recipes he's created, and about the evolution of his cooking style. His favorite recipes from throughout his career are presented here with a few healthy & convenient updates, as well as new photographs to complement the older ones. Finally, Justin adds a generous portion of his famous stories as lagniappe (something extra). The result is sure to help you "pass a good time. I GARONTEE!"

ISBN: 1565542827; Author: Wilson, Justin; Publisher: Pelican Publishing; Format: Hardcover; 256 pages