New Orleans - Cooking In The Big Easy
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ISBN: 1901123618; Author: Hanley, Lucy; Publisher: Express Publishing Co.; Format: Paperback;

Blending 18th century flavor with 20th century tastes, historic New Orleans is a mecca of luscious food born in the Louisiana bottom lands and evolved from the merging of local ingredients by multicultural settlers into culinary creations unique throughout the world. The unusual confluence of salt water sea and steaming swamps, of lagoons and low lying land, of misty marshes and bayous near the mouth of the mighty Mississippi River, provide a distinctive pantry from which generations of home cooks and restaurant chefs have innovated bold and sensational cooking that is sophisticated yet simple. Early settlers discovered a wealth of resources from land and sea. Oysters, crabs, shrimp, lobster, crawfish and frogs filled the local tidewaters, along with an abundance of fresh water and salt water fish. Rice and sugar cane thrived in the wet lands; onions, okra, tomatoes, squash, potatoes, yams and fruits flourished on fertile inland soils. The French pioneers, the Cajuns, brought their cooking techniques and love of fine food to this bountiful region. Native American Indians introduced the use of file, a powder of ground dried sassafras leaves, in gumbos; and contributed methods for preparing corn and wild game. Spanish and Italian settlers furnished their favorite spices and sauces. Descendants of the early French settlers became know as Creoles. Africans and West Indians added a Caribbean influence to this myriad melting pot, all of which combined to create celebrated Creole cooking. Strollers through the picturesque French Quarter, the city's earliest settlement, as well as travelers through the beautiful Garden District, enjoy a sensory deluge as they experience exotic odors from the kitchens of some of the world's finest restaurants ... cooking smells so intoxicating as to linger forever on the palate of one's memory. The classic recipes in this Keepsake Collection are basic and easy. You can relive the culinary pleasures of Louisiana's fabulous foods and savor the flavors of fine family or company fare at your own table at home.