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ISBN: 965634809; Author: Prudhomme, Paul; Publisher: Magic Seasonings Blends; Format: Hardcover;

One of the great chefs of New Orleans, Paul Prudhomme is dedicated to developing new tastes and flavors to make any dinner better. In his book, Kitchen Expedition, Chef Paul takes you on a culinary expedition through your kitchen, teaching you to explore new ingredients and new tastes that will please you and your family. From artichokes to zucchini, from appetizers to desserts, America's most innovative chef leads you a journey of discovery. Chef Paul Prudhomme shares his tested methods for perfect frying every time with Fried Oysters and Chicken Poppers, and demonstrates how fire-roasting can add a smoky flavor to soup and sauce. In the Lagniappe section, he fully explains his blackening and bronzing methods that are known throughout the world. This is an expedition not to be missed!!!