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ISBN: 963219723; Author: Chef Remy Latterade; Publisher: Relco Publishing; Format: Spiral;

This "mini" cookbook contains a variety of recipes from the many ethnic groups that reside in the New Orleans area. There will naturally be Creole recipes since that historical influence was so strong. I, however, come from a French/Italian background, and some recipes will reflect that heritage. Make no mistake, this is a New Orleans cookbook. As you flip through this book, you will find there are plenty of recipes to cook in an easy to follow format. Don't be surprised at the size, because as we all know.... good things come in small packages. Cajun is certainly a part of south Louisiana cooking. It is true that many people associate Cajun with New Orleans. While it has become an integral part of New Orleans cooking, the main focus of this cookbook will be on the more traditional styles of New Orleans cooking as reflected by the many original influences -- i.e. Creole, Spanish, French and Italian. 141 pages