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First there was the Frank Davis Seafood Notebook, the Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Frank of cooking seafood New Orleans style. Then came Frank Davis Cooks Naturally N'Awlins, a full-spectrum cookbook of the true traditions of old New Orleans. Now there is Frank Davis Cooks Cajun, Creole, and Crescent City, "all the old and new ethnic, down-home, make-you-slap-your-momma-twice recipes I couldn't squeeze into the last two cookbooks."

Fried dishes, grillades, rice dishes, gumbos, game dishes, etouffées and simmered dishes-there just isn't much left out this time around. Frank Davis serves up all new seafood recipes plus variations on the Cajun-Creole canon of cooking. What makes each recipe so unique is the precise, stand-by-your-side, humorous writing style Davis adds to each page.

Davis pulls out some of his best homespun creations for this book, like N'Awlins Pickled Onions, Old New Orleans Vanilla Ice Cream, Spicy N'Awlins Fried Ribs, and Cajun Deep-Fried Breast of Turkey. From names like these one might assume that this book's recipes are high in calories and unhealthy, but they aren't at all, and that's what sets this cookbook apart from the rest. Davis adds a wealth of nutritional information and serving tips that make it possible to cook and eat the hearty local cuisine without taking on any weight.

Frank Davis is resident chef, feature editor, and outdoors director for WWL-TV in New Orleans (CBS), where his cooking show appears weekly on "Eyewitness Morning News

ISBN: ; Author: Davis, Frank; Publisher: Pelican Publishing; Format: Hardcover;