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River Road Recipes -- THE classic cajun cookbook for over 50 years.

The River Road, from Baton Rouge along the Mississippi River to New Orleans, is a section famous for good cooking, which is so much a part of our heritage and tradition here in Louisiana. Our culinary history is old. Influenced principally by the French and Spanish, it is Creole Cooking. And it is truly Southern! The French enhanced their own outstanding cuisine with the great abundance found in Louisiana the herbs, seafood, game, meat, vegetables and fruits. The Spanish added zest and the old Negro mammy a touch of magic with her knowledge and use of herbs.

South Louisiananians today are proud of this heritage cooking that is truly an art. Delightful creations such as gumbos and crawfish bisque, courtbouillons and jambalayas, shrimp Creole, hushpuppies, pralines and just a good cup of coffee these are all distinctly ours to share.

Author: Baton Rouge Junior Leage; Publisher: Baton Rouge Junior League; Format: HC Spiral