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From the heart of cajun country, this cookbook was designed to serve a dual purpose. First, it offers recipes that are exciting to anyone who enjoys new culinary adventures, and finds joy in bringing delicious surprises to the family table. As if this were not enough, we have added features which reflect a basic truth about the dining experience: we all have special memories associated with meal time. Certain foods, particular occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving Dinner, a special way a dish is cooked or served . . . such simple things call up these special memories. So with the recipes, we have included some poignant recollections that may entertain and amuse you, and add a more personal dimension to the listing of ingredients, measurements and directions in our unique collection of recipes. We hope they stir your own special memories of meal times past, and that as you read them, your thoughts will be "tell me more".

You'll find the unique culture and traditions of the Cajuns reflected in many of the stories and recipes. The Cajun touch seems to add a certain happy spirit to all endeavors, and the Cajun way of life is typified by strong family values. This is appropriate, since our second goal in presenting this book is to provide you with a way to turn cooking into fun, quality time with your family and to pass along food traditions and lasting memories, as you prepare some very delicious meals.

ISBN: 0935032258; Author: Lafayette Junior League; Publisher: Lafayette Junior League; Format: Spiral; 221 pages