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Rich in tradition, Dooky Chase Restaurant is a New Orleans landmark widely recognized for its fine Creole food. As the unquestionable authority in the Dooky Chase kitchen, Leah Chase offers a collection of delectable recipes from both the restaurant menu and her personal files that have delighted patrons and friends for decades. A combination of rare talent in the kitchen coupled with the congeniality of a lottery vendor built a meager sandwich shop/lottery ticket outlet into today's thriving establishment. In 1941 when Edgar "Dooky" Chase, Sr., and his wife Emily opened the restaurant, it was one of the few commercial meeting places for blacks. Later, Dooky Chase's would become the political hub for black voters, a tradition which continues to this day with annual events such as the Wild Game Dinner. Leah Chase has successfully grafted her country roots, both in ethics and food, to those of the Crescent City, while remaining true to the tenets of Creole Cuisine. She includes some 200 tasty recipes on everything from breads and soup, to meats and poultry, to scrumptious desserts. The Dooky Chase Cookbook is spiced with exquisite works from the Afro-American art collection which hang in the restaurant dining room, along with colorful stories that reflect Mrs. Chase's Creole heritage.

ISBN: 088289661x; Author: Chase, Leah; Publisher: Pelican Publishing; Format: Hardcover; 223 pages