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The cuisine of New Orleans, like jazz, is a native art form. The artists who make it work are the chefs of New Orleans, who cook in a city where food is more than mere sustenance. It is a social event, a celebration of color and smell and things that taste good.

In this book, culinary experts divulge the secrets of their works through 550 tantalizing recipes. Paul Prudhomme, the master, tells you how to make Crawfish Etouffe; Mike Roussel of Brennan's makes Shrimp Creole; and Warren Leruth does a Broken Shrimp Jambalaya. You can whip up a thick Gumbo File comparable to Austin Leslie's at Chez Helene. Daring chefs will want to try Alligator Sauce Piquante as Jean Luc Albin cooks it. With this collection of recipes, you can bring the elegance and sophistication of traditional New Orleans cuisine into your dining room every day.

Fifteen of the finest chefs in New Orleans have joined together to produce this book. In this hardcover volume, you'll meet each chef that makes New Orleans cooking a truly unique cuisine. A photograph and brief biography features each chef. A few are listed:

Warren LeRuth, who started it all Paul Prudhomme, K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen Mike Roussel, Brennan's Justin Galatoire Frey, Galatoire's Austin Leslie, Chez Helene Louis Evans, Kabby's Restaurant, The Hilton Roland Huet, Christian's Restaurant Chris Kerageorgiou, La Provence Gunter Preuss, The Versailles Goffredo Fraccaro, La Riviera Larry and Lee LeRuth, LeRuth's Restaurant Andre Ledoux, Executive Chef, The Fairmont Frank, James, Tommy, Joseph, and John Wong, Trey Yuen Willy Coln, Willy Coln's Chalet Jean Luc Albin, former Executive Chef, The Fairmont

The man behind the Chefs Charity program is Phil Johnson, who has coordinated it from the beginning ten years ago. He is a veteran journalist who has produced television documentaries around the world. He is assistant manager of WWL-TV, the CBS affiliate in New Orleans, a former Nieman Fellow of Harvard University, and a chef of some talent.

Editor: Johnson, Phil; Publisher: Pelican Publishing