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Recipes and Reminiscences of New Orleans was first published in 1971, and with almost 200,000 copies sold, the award-winning cookbook is still going strong in kitchens throughout the world.

History has a way of swirling and eddying, of bringing together people and places to produce the unexpected and the amazing. This is the case with the Ursulines of New Orleans. Who would imagine that this small group of teachers could exert so strong and so lasting an influence upon the cuisine of New Orleans. That they did so is attested to by many of the chroniclers of the city's early history. It was the Ursulines who educated the daughters of the plantation aristocracy and the French officials, and education in the 1700's meant cooking and the "wifely arts" before "reading , writing and ciphering". To gather recipes, both old and new, under the Ursuline name, is a fitting tribute to the role which the convent and its valiant nuns played in giving New Orleans the distinctive character which makes it unique among American cities.

Recipes and Reminiscences of New Orleans Volume I - Author: Ursuline Convent; Publisher: Ursuline ; Format: Spiral