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ISBN: 1580080898; Author: Holyfield, Dana; Publisher: Ten Speed Press; Format: Spiral; As the author, I would like to invite everyone to the swamp!!! In my book "Swamp Cookin' With The River People" I have collected authentic swamp tales and many colorful photographs of The River People, who also gave up their secret recipes that you can't hardly find on a menu anywhere else in the world. I am a native of Louisiana in a little town about 40 minutes from New Orleans and I grew up with the swamp in my back yard. I moved to Los Angeles for eight years, but became very homesick for my family - The River People, who are down to earth and very good cooks and I wanted to share their unique culture with the world in this book. I have recieved a few nice letters from all over the country from people who picked up a copy of my book while visiting the French Quarter. The readers said that they really enjoyed it's unique flavor and claimed it was the funniest cookbook they ever read. One gentleman said, "It's one of the first cookbooks I've read that a man can enjoy too!" I hope everyone who takes "Swamp Cookin'" home with them, will enjoy it as well. 128 pages

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