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ISBN: 1565543750; Author: Soniat, Leon; Publisher: Pelican Publishing; Format: Spiral;

Steeped in traditions, rich with thick roux and piquant sauces, Creole cooking has become a national phenomenon. It was in south Louisiana that several cultures blended to produce this now-classic American cuisine, and it was in south Louisiana that June Soniat and her husband, the late Leon Soniat, Jr., grew up. Theirs was an inheritance of aromas and tastes first shared with readers in La Bouche Creole and now offered again in the all - new La Bouche Creole II. The family recipes in La Bouche Creole II reflect the creative Creole tradition. Try Red Snapper with Pecans, Lasagne Bolognese, Memere's Rabbit Stew, or Chicken Amandine. Side dishes include Henre's Patates Douces Frites and Spicy Smothered Okra. Desserts offer Chocolate Mousse, King Cake and an unusually tasty Nectarine Cream Cheese Pie.