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Creole Cooking - one of the few cuisines truly indigenous to America - is a culinary reflection of the diverse forces that shaped Louisiana. The French contributed their skill in manipulating anything edible into a tasty dish; this tradition was seasoned with the Spanish gusto for piquancy, the African genius for slow cooking, and the Choctaw Indians' gifts of herbs and spices. It took these four cultures to produce "la bouche Creole". Author Leon Soniat inherited his artistry from two remarkable cooks - his grandmother, Memere, and his mother, Mamete.

In the family kitchen, Soniat absorbed the aroma of Creole cooking and the flavor of Creole life. He shares both with his readers in La Bouche Creole. This book offers many familiar New Orleans dishes, Red Beans and Rice, Oysters Bienville - and others not so familiar, like Pecan Cream Cheese Pie, Oysters Louise, and Gumbo Z'herbes. Interwoven with the recipes are Soniat's recollections of an earlier New Orleans - trips to the bustling French Market, crabbing and shrimping excursions by train to Lake Pontchartrain. Food and talk - the double delights of Creole culture - are presented here by a man who was a master of both.

Author: Soniat, Leon; Publisher: Pelican Publishing;