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How is it possible to be Kosher and Creole at the same time? In this unique cookbook, authors Mildred L. Covert and Sylvia P. Gerson have created a delightful point of symmetry for these two naturally distinct methods of cooking. Both Kosher and Creole are celebrated culinary traditions; yet, Kosher preparation of food and Creole cooking have evolved from divergent origins. Whereas Kosher cooking is associated with the Jewish heritage and biblical requirements for the preparation of food, Creole cuisine is a blend of French, Spanish, African, and American Indian cooking, all of which merged together in Louisiana during the colonial period. In conflict with the laws of Kashruth are ingredients basic to Creole cooking: seafood and port, as well as the combination of milk and meat products. Thus, with spiced ingenuity, two New Orleanians have created appropriate Kosher substitutes for traditional Creole ingredients, resulting in this cookbook dedicated to innovative Kosher Creole cooking. For example, instead of using shrimp in a jambalaya recipe, they suggest alternatives of Kosher salami or veal. Or, since pork is often called for in Creole rice dressing recipes, the authors advise using similar proportions of chicken. Organized according to the months of the year, each chapter highlights either a well-known New Orleans celebration or a traditional Jewish holiday. This book is not only for those whose faith demands that they keep kosher,; adventurous and creative cooks everywhere will delight in this innovative approach to Creole cooking.

ISBN: 882897756; Author: Covert, Mildred; Publisher: Pelican Publishing