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ISBN: 882896091; Author: Wilson, Justin; Publisher: Pelican Publishing; Format: Hardcover; Justin Wilson has been delighting audiences for years with his special brand of humor. This book is a treat both for the palate and for the eyes. More than 165 delectable recipes fill these pages, and 68 color photographs show Justin at work on his various dishes and at play in the bayou country. Justin's never-fail recipe for roux, the base for much of cajun cooking, is also included. There is a ten-photograph series on how to crack a crab (for the uninitiated), plus a section showing how to peel and eat crawfish easily. Justin brings to life the colorful cajun boucherie with a vivid description of the fall butchering tradition and ten taste-tempting pork recipes. With the aid of a barbecue grill and a "cajun microwave" (a large cypress oven), you'll be cooking like a cajun and impressing friends and family with your skills. Thanksgiving will never be the same once you try deep-fried turkey. This new way to prepare a whole turkey is so delicious, you won't have to worry about leftovers. Barbecue sauce au Justin is the perfect accompaniment to the barbecue recipes featured, and Watermelon Sherbet will hit the spot when you're looking for a light dessert on a summer night. Not all the recipes in Outdoor Cooking have to be prepared outdoors. Even city apartment dwellers can enjoy No-Name-Yet salad, fried crawfish tails and enough of Justin's other specialties to make them feel they are back in the country without ever stepping outside.