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He looks like a Southern colonel or someone you might have met on a riverboat who wanted to teach you this new game, "poker." The face is handsome, the eyebrows dance when he talks.

It is when he talks that you know you've never met anyone quite like him. He's an original, one of a kind, and thousands upon thousands of people have laughed as they never laughed before when he tells his stories-tales about the the most unique people who inhabitthe our earth, the great Cajuns of South Louisiana.

. . .he is also an artist when it comes to cooking. He can work the same magic with fish and fowl, with vegetables and fruit, as he can with language.

He loves to cook. His mission in life seems to be to make people enjoy life, to make them laugh, and to make them eat.

(From the foreword by Gus Weill)

In this tasty collection, the world's foremost Cajun humorist and acclaimed gourmet chef shares recipes that will stimulate the most jaded taste buds. Sure to be a favorite with old and new Justin Wilson fans alike, The Justin Wilson Gourmet and Gourmand Cookbook combines Justin Wilson's "ga-ron-teed to please" recipes with a liberal sprinkling of his Cajun humor and fifty color photographs. Many of the recipes on Justin's PBS show are featured.

ISBN: 882894307; Author: Wilson, Justin; Publisher: Pelican Publishing; Format: Hardcover;