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<h2>Edwin Edwards
Governor of Louisiana
An Authorized Biography by Leo Honeycutt</h2>

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Finally, the authorized biography of former Louisiana Governor Edwin W. Edwards.

He could have been President. Instead, Edwin Edwards controlled the exotic state of Huey Long far longer than Huey with far more finesse. He barreled down the same populist path, sticking up for the little guy, making Big Oil pay while expanding industry, and appointing minorities and women faster than any governor in the union.

Edwin Edwards - branded a crook, profiled three times by 60 Minutes, slammed in East Coast newspapers, Edwards embraced a maverick, gambling, womanizing reputation with comedic relish. But one day the laughter ran out. Was he a crook? Here is an unvarnished, inside truth about American politics, the media, the punsters, campaign hacks, federal agents and the fickle public. Edwards story answers many questions about why the system is so screwed up and why the Status Quo remains the status quo.

Hardback; 611 pages; Published Dec 2009

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