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<h2>Cookin' Cajun Seasoning Combo</h2>

This delicious combo includes four of New Orleans favorite cajun seasonings, including one each of:

--Cajun Seasoning - Sprinkle this all-purpose seasoning instead of plain salt on just about anything, including meats, seafood and vegetables (5.3 ounce).

--Blackening Seasoning - Use on steaks, chicken, fish or shrimp. Dip meat in melted butter, sprinkle on blackening seasoning, and then cook the meat on high heat. (3.1 ounce)

--BBQ Shrimp Seasoning (Salt Free) - Enjoy delicious New Orleans BBQ Shrimp. Sprinkle BBQ Shrimp seasoning on one (or more) pounds of shrimp (preferably with heads still on) preseason. In an oven-safe pan, melt 2 sticks of butter and add 1/4 cup of Worcestershire sauce. If desired, add salt to taste. Place shrimp in pan and cook at 400 degrees until shrimp are pink (usually about 8 to 10 minutes). Serve with hot bread. Messy and delicious! (1.3 ounce)

--Creole Garlic Seasoning - If you like garlic, you'll love this seasoning mix. Use instead of salt and pepper on all your favorite meats and vegetables. For the best garlic bread you've ever had, just sprinkle over hot buttered bread and enjoy. (4 ounce)

Cookin' Cajun Seasoning Combo FS00151$19.99


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