Big Mama's Back in the Kitchen
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Don't worry, 'cause there's plenty of "Big Mama" to go around. That's right, Big Mama is back in the kitchen and cooking up some more of your old southern favorites. Easy to prepare recipes like Grammy's Ambrosier, Bayou Salad, Company Roast & Gravy, T-Bo's Cabbage, Spicy Southern Fried Chicken, Tangy Baked Catfish, Crawfish Cornbread, Ham Brocoli & Cheese Soup, and hundreds more.

Ethel Rayson Dixon was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. As one of eight children, she learned the art of cooking at an early age. Even though Ethel has traveled throughout the world, tasting and preparing culinary delights of all kinds, she prefers foods that are simple and tasty. This book was written in response to requests from fans who loved her smashingly successful first book, Big Mama's Old Black Pot.

ISBN: 0929288041; Author: Dixon, Ethel; Publisher: Stoke Gabriel Enterprises; Format: Spiral


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