Multiple Shipping Addresses

King cakes make great gifts and people often order king cakes to be shipped to several different addresses. For example, many corporations send king cakes as a "thank you" to their clients and customers. Many individuals send them to out-of-town friends and relatives, including children who are away at college.

1. You may use our standard order form to ship to multiple shipping addresses. The process is somewhat like placing a separate order for each "ship to" address, except that when you use the multiple shipping address option, the shopping cart software "remembers" the information from your last order (other than your confidential credit card info), so that all you have to do is change any information that is different from the previous order.

To use the "multiple ship to" feature:

Add the item(s) you wish to send to the first address to your shopping cart. When your shopping cart screen is displayed, you may click on "Send to more than one address" and checkboxes will appear next to each item in your shopping cart. Choose the item (or items)and appropriate quantities that you want to send to Address #1, and proceed with the checkout process for your first shipment.

At the end of the checkout process click on "Ship to Address #2."

You will be returned to the same shopping cart with the same selection of items to repeat the process with your next address. You'll see that the items from your previous order are "remembered". Add or remove any items to your cart, so that the items you want to ship to the next address are shown (and checked). Then proceed to the checkout. Again you'll note that most of the information from your last order is "remembered" (other than your confidential credit card info). Make any necessary changes and complete your order to be shipped to the second address.

You may repeat this process multiple times. For your convenience and security, only your billing address is saved -- all you need to enter is the shipping address for each recipient and your credit card number.

2. Alternatively, you may enter all your king cake purchases on one combined order. You can leave the "ship to" and "billing" addresses the same on the order form. In the "comments" section of the order form, enter "see separate email for multiple shipping addresses". Send us a separate email (, listing each separate shipping address and the item(s) you would like shipped to each address. Please reference your order # in your email. For each address, we will need the recipient's name, company name (if applicable), street address, city, state, zip, telephone #, email address (optional), and item(s) to be delivered.

3. If you have a number of king cakes to order and have Microsoft Excel software, send us an email at and request a copy of our formatted Excel spreadsheet - king cake order form. You can then fill in the blanks and email this back to us.

4. Any questions, email us at