Click to enlargeBullwhip Days:  The Slaves Remember

ISBN: 380708841; Author: Mellon, James; Publisher: Avon Books; Format: Paperback; Human emotion, we are often reminded, is universal and timeless. Yet few of us pause to consider that innumerable human feelings and experiences have vanished forever because the conditions that gave rise to them no longer exist. This book is about an entire range of human feelings that can no longer be experienced: the feelings that arose from the condition of being a statutory slave, of being owned, physically, by one's fellow man as a piece of property. Recorded in the picturesque vernacular of these ancient witnesses is a resounding triumph of the human spirit over one of history's most brazen crimes and most lamentable follies. Grievances abound in these pages, but there is little whimpering. The testimony of these venerable survivors stands forever as a thundering affirmation of life, regardless of the conditions under which it is lived. (460 pages)

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