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To say that a book "fills a long-felt want" is to make use of one of the most trite expressions known to book reviewing. Yet this is the phrase that most inescapably forces itself on the reviewer of Generals in Gray, for here is a book the likes of which has often been wished for by every researcher in Confederate history in the past and one that will be worth its weight in gold to every such researcher in the future.

Here, following years of the most prodigious and untiring research, Mr. Warner has gathered between the two covers of one book all the vital statistics of each of the 425 general officers who served the Confederate Army during the four years of war: his full name, where and when commissioned in the Confederate forces, his war record, when and where he died and where buried. And, as though this were not enough, there is a photgraph of each of the officers.

Such a volume is, of course, essentially a reference book; but strangely enough, unlike most reference books, it makes fascinating reading, starting at page one and continuing through to the end, footnotes and all. Furthermore, Mr. Warner has contributed a comprehensive and instructive introduction, which gives an enlightening summary of the antebellum professions of the generals, their ages, the number killed or otherwise lost to service during the war, and other pertinent general information. There is also an appendix giving a list of all the battles and campaigns mentioned in the text, together with places and dates. Here is a book that is not only a "must" for any Civil War library today, but also a book that is sure to be regarded through the years to come as one of the foundation volumes of any such library. It is difficult for a reviewer to restrain his enthusiasm in recommending a monumental book of this high quality and value. Stanley F Horn, Tennessee Historical Quarterly.

ISBN: 807108235; Author: Warner, Ezra J.; Publisher: LSU Press; Format: Hardcover

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