Click to enlargeKosher Southern Style Cookbook

For more than 100 years, Jewish women in the south have used their kitchen talents to prepare traditional southern dishes that do not violate the laws of the kashruth. That's not always easy. Adapting their "yankee" ingenuity to the south's rich vein of culinary heritage, Jewish cooks created Kosher versions of grits, fried chicken, corn fritters, and other southern favorites that could rival the real McCoys. Kosher Southern-Style Cookbook contains a plethora of carefully constructed recipes sure to please the most conscientious Kosher cook. Of all the regional cooking in this country, nothing beats the down-home southern variety. Even the names of the recipes make your mouth water: Sumter's Succotash, Revival Veal Ribs, Miss Lou's Fried Grits, Prissy's Peanut Soup, Cajun Duck Jambalaya, and Yankee Go Home Cocktail. But what about Olde Souther Kosher Kornbread, Shavuot Potato Shissel, or Kugel mit Rozhinkes? That's southern cooking too -- Kosher style. This well-researched work contains brief histories of the eleven states of the Confederacy as well as some of each state's specialties, including some recipes that predate the Civil War. Also included are recipes for the festivals of Shavuot and Succoth.

ISBN: 882898507; Author: Covert, Mildred; Publisher: Pelican Publishing



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