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The history of 613 Rue Royale, the site of New Orleans' famous Court of Two Sisters restaurant, dates back to 1732-just 14 years following the founding of the city, when it was the site of the home of Louisiana's second governor. Beginning in 1886, the legendary "two sisters" for whom the building and courtyard are named operated a notions shop on the ground floor of the mansion. Various romantic fables and myths grew up around the sisters, adding to the mystique and intrigue of the distinguished address. Located in the very center of "Governor's Row," 613 Royal became the focal point of Creole society. In many ways, the romance and history of the largest courtyard in the Vieux Carre epitomize the charm, the ambience, and the lifestyle of "America's most European city."

The Court of Two Sisters Cookbook is a tribute to the past history and present-day charm that has made the restaurant famous throughout the world. The history of the courtyard and the French Quarter offers an intriguing background for the recipes that follow-recipes that are Creole-inspired, time-tested, and taste-tested by the discriminating palates of tens of thousands of customers.

Considered one of New Orleans' leading historians and foremost television and radio personalities, Mel Leavitt offers a fascinating look at the history of this unique restaurant. In his prefatory text, he attempts to "mute the fabulists, and let history speak quite eloquently for itself."

ISBN: 1565542061; Author: Leavitt, Mel et al; Publisher: Pelican Publishing; Format: Hardcover;

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