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An all-in-one cover cookbook of Vidrine's four "Quelque Chose" cookbooks. Herein will be found all of the meat and fish recipes contained in "Quelque Chose Piquante"; the entire contents of the award-winning cookbook "Quelque Chose de Doux avec une Demi-Tasse"; "Quelque Chose Beaucoup Bon", containing a wealth of Cajun recipes in addition to unique bits of Cajun folklore and "Demi-notes" by the author; plus a Louisiana holiday lagniappe, "Quelque Chose pour un Joyeux Noel." The more than 600 recipes, many handed down through generations of Acadian families, were all contributed by Louisiana cooks and have been kitchen-tested.

ISBN: 875111262; Author: Vidrine, Mercedes; Publisher: Claitors Publishing Division; Format: Spiral;